In addition, the company’s payout ratio isn’t too favorable for advancing EPS (~73% of core earnings), and I doubt the ability of the bank to find a future target as attractive as Square 1 was. I’m not big on getting weighed down by theoretical calculations of cost of capital (which, by the way, will increase as rates rise – consider what this will do to models that conclude some banks are cheap now), so let’s view this in more simple terms. Best-case scenario, PACW maintains last quarter’s ROTCE of 16.15%. This amounts to earnings of ~$3.10 per share after year 1, which gives the company a forward P/E of 18. A P/E of 18 roughly translates into an expectation that the company will earn back its current price tag for investors in 6 years (the actual math is 5.85 years, I’m using 6 to keep it simple). A double in 6 years translates into a CAGR of 12.25%.

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